Children's Book Illustrations

If you're an author of Children's Books, then no matter how good your story is, there is one important thing you need to know.

*** Images are what will sell your book ***

Here's what you'll get from me...

- Children love colors - and I create richly colored, realistic, 3D looking illustrations with magic and textures.

- I work in digital, which makes it much easier to make alterations even after the image is done.

- I have three kinds of payment options that fit any budget. I take Paypal. You can use your credit card without needing a Paypal account.

- You keep all rights. I only retain the right to use the art in self promotion.

- I follow your instructions. If you want a specific style of shoe or hat or house, you can send Google images of the style you want and I'll use it.

- You receive image updates 1000 pixels high via email as soon as they're completed so you can see more detail.

- Your final images are 300ppi with 1/4" bleed around the edges so your printer can trim them to fill the printed page.

- Your work can be downloaded from DropBox at your convenience once it's paid for

- My current prices are listed here. They could change in the future - I'm keeping pretty busy lately. Click Here to review my payment options.

*** Helpful Hints before commissioning me ***

*** SAMPLES ***


Google Image Search
Best image search tool I've found. You can even search for "similar" images and more sizes of the same image.
Color Charts
Best way to let me know exactly what colors you need.
Fastest way to pay me. You don't need a Paypal account to use your credit/debit card.