Children's Book Illustrations

*** Payment Options ***

I have 3 basic options to make payments.

*** the One Third option ***

This is where you pay 1/3rd down and we first work out the whole book doing sketches, so you can approve the general layout of the scenes. Then you pay a second 1/3rd and I color them in. Once you've approved the finished color work you pay the last 1/3rd and then I send you the full resolution images.

*** the Per-Page option ***

With this method I do each page in full color then you pay for that page when it's approved, and you get the full high resolution image. this is usually the most affordable but we don't get to work out all the sketches for the entire book beforehand. So if you need to make changes to the layout it would cost extra to go back and change a previous page.

*** 1/3rd Combo method ***

This combines the two methods above. You can pay either 1/3rd down and do all the sketches first, or pay what you can afford and we do as may sketches as that amount of payment covers. then, once we have all the sketches approved, you can pay by the page as we finish each page. This gives you that ability to see it all laid out in a more affordable way.

*** Covers ***

I like to treat the cover as a separate job. I've found that many authors aren't really sure what to do with the cover at first, but once they've seen the full completed book, sometimes they just want to take once of the pages and alter it to form a cover, which is considerably less expensive.

My prices depend upon the complexity of the page - how many characters or how much decoration they wear.

If you're on a budget, please feel free to let me know your payment limits. I can streamline some of the detail to make the illustrations simpler while still maintaining a nice, colorful 3D feel.